Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home made bread

Recently I have become very interested in making my own bread at home. For Christmas, I asked both families to chip in so I could purchase a grain mill, and make my own fresh flours. I do a lot of gluten free baking, and those flours can be particularly expensive.
Anyway, one of my new books I am making my way through is Peter Reinhart's 'Whole Grain Breads'. I followed the 100% whole wheat bread recipe: here is my attempt in pictures:
This is the combined biga and starter
This is the biga and starter after one hour. It roughly doubled in size and is ready to go into the oven.
And...the freshly baked loaf!
It did look and smell good when it came out of the oven. The recipe called for 45-60 minutes baking time. I pulled the loaf out at around 50 minutes, figuring somewhere in between the two times would be sufficient. Wrong! It was very dense, and once cooled was doughy and difficult to eat. I am informed by a seasoned home bread baker that I need to buy a food thermometer and test the loaf temperature before removing from the oven next time.

So, while the first loaf was a flop, I'm looking forward to having another go soon. I am in the process of sourcing bulk organic grain from the local health food stores, and will soon be grinding my own buckwheat, rice, barley, wheat and other flours.